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Mar 302015

Make Your Brand Stand Out at ad:tech

One common core idea for many exhibitors at trade shows, music fests, conventions, or the like, is to give something away to attendees. Giving attendees something with your brand name on it, that they can walk away with is a valuable resource to have. Responsibility can also play a role. Your brand is responsible for offering the attendees something of worth to them. This is where we come in — we can successfully offer all of this, and we use advanced technology to do it.

If your company has exhibited at ad:tech in the last 20 years, then you know how important it is to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to marketing, advertising and technology. For such a specific industry, we encourage you to do more. We can help you do that with digital printing. Let the attendees (your potential future customers) get involved, let them get creative and take part in the creation of their t-shirt or tote bag. Not only will your guests be impressed with this advanced technology, but they’ll be excited to hear that they have some decisions to make in the process, and they’ll marvel at how quickly an item can be produced. Your guests get to shape what your brand looks like– and an interactive experience like this will leave a lasting impression.

Show the attendees at ad:tech that you know how to brand your OWN company– it’ll be proof positive that you know how to market and help your potential customers do the same for theirs.

ink+cotton for Marriott at ComicCon San Diego