Apr 132015

Shock and Awe vs. Intrigue and Engagement

You may have heard about the larger-than-life and slightly shocking brand activation recently put on by UK-based Sky Atlantic, to promote a new TV crime drama called Fortitude. Residents of London were surprised to find a very real-looking polar bear on the loose in the middle of the city. It turns out they had no reason to worry, as it was operated by two talented puppeteers who worked on the theater production of War Horse. PR stunts like this may sustain shock and awe, but does it really work? How many […]

Mar 162015

Be Like Mike (for less $$)

Sporting events provide a uniquely unifying opportunity, melding people of all ages and backgrounds alike. Something as elementary as throwing a ball around brings people together and beckons them to form a deep bond with their favorite teams. Because of this bond, the foremost top athletes are hailed as superstars and celebrities. A jersey from one of these super athletes can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars, or if it’s a signed or limited edition jersey, it can go for much more. The common thread in all of this– besides the talent of the athletes– is the loyalty and commitment of […]

Mar 22015

5 Experiential Branding Ideas for Coachella Music Festival

Music festivals provide a kind of “blueprint” for brands to estimate fairly well what type of demographic will be present. Having a captive audience to get the word out doesn’t hurt the bottom line, either. The next step is coming up with clever branding that is memorable and will get people talking. Communication and interaction are key. Brands simply can’t just give away a t-shirt with their logo strewn across the chest and expect people to wear it anymore. A sense of motivation and creativity needs to be involved. In […]

Dec 42014

GOOD Cities Project

GOOD Magazine teamed up with Ford to create the GOOD Cities Project, where they asked writers and artists to pen and create love letters to their cities. They examined how urban dwelling shapes successful and meaningful lives. To celebrate some of the featured cities, they held a party in Downtown Los Angeles last month and invited ink+cotton to live screen print tote bags. Look for ink+cotton at 1:27! No matter what city you live in, a tote bag is a great way to confess your undying love for it publicly. Tote […]

Oct 272014

Zagat 30 Under 30, LA, SF, and BOSTON

Zagat recent brought ink+cotton on board to activate our Live Screen Printing services in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston as part of the Zagat 30 Under 30 program of Events. In between cocktails and turns inside the photo booth, the culinary stars of Los Angeles were captivated with ink+cotton’s craftsmanship, each guest had the opportunity to select their own one-of-a-kind print for a fully customized Tote bag or T-shirt.   Zagat continued to celebrate the young, up and coming chefs and players in each cities culinary scene. ink+cotton was more the happy […]

Jun 162014

Brite Space Launch Party for Eventbrite

Eventbrite started a pop-up series concept, focused on throwing events in order to bring top event organizers and event-goers together. They invited us to live screen print “I ♥ LA” tote bags in 4 different design options. Holding an event for your most important customers and biggest supporters is a great way to thank them and help spread brand awareness. It’s mutually beneficial, as your guests are grateful to be invited and pampered as VIPs, and you get the word out about your brand. It’s a good move all around, and having branded merchandise available will […]

Apr 302013

Armani Exchange @ Neon Carnival / Coachella Music Festival

Armani Exchange asked us to live screen print t-shirts at Neon Carnival, the annual late-night outdoor dance party that takes place next to the Coachella Music Festival. With tastemakers in attendance, they knew they needed to offer a memorable and unique experience for their guests. Armani came up with # fitting and on-trend designs to choose from, and guests were able to watch as their shirt was screen printed right in front of them.