Mar 302015

Make Your Brand Stand Out at ad:tech

One common core idea for many exhibitors at trade shows, music fests, conventions, or the like, is to give something away to attendees. Giving attendees something with your brand name on it, that they can walk away with is a valuable resource to have. Responsibility can also play a role. Your brand is responsible for offering the attendees something of worth to them. This is where we come in — we can successfully offer all of this, and we use advanced technology to do it. If your company has exhibited […]

Mar 22015

5 Experiential Branding Ideas for Coachella Music Festival

Music festivals provide a kind of “blueprint” for brands to estimate fairly well what type of demographic will be present. Having a captive audience to get the word out doesn’t hurt the bottom line, either. The next step is coming up with clever branding that is memorable and will get people talking. Communication and interaction are key. Brands simply can’t just give away a t-shirt with their logo strewn across the chest and expect people to wear it anymore. A sense of motivation and creativity needs to be involved. In […]

Jan 112015

NBC Universal at CES Las Vegas

NBC Universal came to us with one goal in mind: to present the guests of the Consumer Electronics Show with an unparalleled experience. Guests were asked quiz questions about their TV-watching habits and favorite NBC shows via digital touch screen. Once the quiz was complete, they were told what type of TV viewer they were. The quiz results were then printed out as an info-graphic on a t-shirt while they waited. Guests were blown away by the digital printing technology, something we come across often. We thought NBC Universal’s brand […]

Feb 182014

NBA Allstar Weekend deserves Allstar Live Screen Printing

Live Screen Printing New Orleans, Sprint

We are always honored when we have repeat clients, ink+cotton was invited (for a second time) to print for Sprint at their executive reception in New Orleans. As part of their partnership with the NBA, Sprint is a title sponsor of the NBA Allstar Game… And when you have so much riding on this game, you don’t settle for anything less then amazing! ink+cotton printed amazing color images on premium sports styled shirts for executives, VIPs and their guests before and after key games this past weekend. Multiple color printing […]

Apr 142013

Hitting the Road, AGAIN!

9 Universities in 3 weeks – yeah we are up for that.  When Samsung wanted to offer students an engaging experiance that they will never forget, they of course contacted ink+cotton.  We spent some time in the workshop (aka Weirdshop) and developed a first of it’s kind process to handle printing full color images directly from the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S 4 phones.

Sep 132010

Cache Rules Everything Around Me

French designer Evan Roth has cut a music video by mashing/matching animated gifs with music by Girl Talk. Titled “Cache Rules Everything Around Me” is a modern Animutation; something that would now be considered an internet dinosaur. Back in the HTML only days of the web Animutations predated Youtube even Google for that matter and we part of the original user generated entertainment/content found on the web. Animutations are in part randomness of dadaism and recurring pop-culture memes; which is exactly what Roth has created for the modern day. Check […]