Apr 132015

Shock and Awe vs. Intrigue and Engagement

You may have heard about the larger-than-life and slightly shocking brand activation recently put on by UK-based Sky Atlantic, to promote a new TV crime drama called Fortitude. Residents of London were surprised to find a very real-looking polar bear on the loose in the middle of the city. It turns out they had no reason to worry, as it was operated by two talented puppeteers who worked on the theater production of War Horse. PR stunts like this may sustain shock and awe, but does it really work? How many […]

Apr 62015

Educate Your Guests + Expand Your Brand

Screen printing is a delicate art form that requires extensive practice and training. At ink+cotton, we pride ourselves on being expert live screen printers who will help your guests understand the printing process while simultaneously promoting your brand. It is a common occurrence for guests to be impressed with the techniques used to print a graphic on a t-shirt or tote bag. If guests are intrigued, the printers are more than happy to explain how a screen is printed and answer any questions guests may have. Many people are amazed upon learning that each […]

Mar 302015

Make Your Brand Stand Out at ad:tech

One common core idea for many exhibitors at trade shows, music fests, conventions, or the like, is to give something away to attendees. Giving attendees something with your brand name on it, that they can walk away with is a valuable resource to have. Responsibility can also play a role. Your brand is responsible for offering the attendees something of worth to them. This is where we come in — we can successfully offer all of this, and we use advanced technology to do it. If your company has exhibited […]

Mar 162015

Be Like Mike (for less $$)

Sporting events provide a uniquely unifying opportunity, melding people of all ages and backgrounds alike. Something as elementary as throwing a ball around brings people together and beckons them to form a deep bond with their favorite teams. Because of this bond, the foremost top athletes are hailed as superstars and celebrities. A jersey from one of these super athletes can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars, or if it’s a signed or limited edition jersey, it can go for much more. The common thread in all of this– besides the talent of the athletes– is the loyalty and commitment of […]

Jan 112015

NBC Universal at CES Las Vegas

NBC Universal came to us with one goal in mind: to present the guests of the Consumer Electronics Show with an unparalleled experience. Guests were asked quiz questions about their TV-watching habits and favorite NBC shows via digital touch screen. Once the quiz was complete, they were told what type of TV viewer they were. The quiz results were then printed out as an info-graphic on a t-shirt while they waited. Guests were blown away by the digital printing technology, something we come across often. We thought NBC Universal’s brand […]

Dec 162014

DirecTV Holiday Party

Event companies and party planners are some of our best clients; if they’re looking for a noteworthy experience and some swag for their guests to go home with, we’re all in. And in the ever-growing eco-friendly world we live in today, tote bags are a very popular choice, because, who doesn’t need one for that next trip to the grocery store or farmers market? The tote bag has always been around, but now that it’s in an even brighter spotlight, why not take advantage of it and use it to […]

Honda Stage - Tumblr

Our friends at Tumblr hit us up to be a part of the Honda Stage concert series.  Demi Lovato was doing a performance for fans at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, so the ink+cotton crew set up shop and took care of her fans before the show.


Jan 242014

Live Screen Printing in Long Beach CA

Live Screen Printing For Anvil

When one of the largest T-shirt brands needs to showcase their latest styles at the Screen Printing industries largest trade show; it’s flattering to know they only work with the best of the best – which means ink+cotton is the obvious choice to providing Live Screen Printing on-site at Anvil’s private party. Not only did Anvil bring ink+cotton aboard for the Live Printing experience on-site at the event. Our creative team was selected to provide the design services for the apparel as well. As part of several activations, we provided […]

Sep 142013

Hilton Head, SC. Beach front Screen Printing

Reason #294 of why we have the best freak’n jobs on earth.  David Broughton, ink+cotton’s Atlanta Live Screen Printing Manager and Master Printer headed south for a intimate beach side corporate event for Sprint.  He brought along Alex Greger and Matt Luyk as the support crew. The ink+cotton Atlanta team treated the guests to a real nice time, custom printing premium American Apparel shirts at the event, making everyone feel like a captain!